2015 MLB All-Stars to Wear Striped Caps in Cincinnati

2015 MLB ASG Cap Leak

The 2015 Major League All-Star Game will feature players wearing horizontally striped caps, this information courtesy an eBay auction first reported by Uni-Watch this morning and then later confirmed by ESPN this afternoon.

Caps will have two thick horizontal stripes on a contrasting front-panel, a confusing design to say the least. While the two stripes are a clear homage to Cincinnati’s early pro baseball teams, the front panel is for…? Last year’s All-Star Game?

Cincinnati Red Stockings


Who knows the reasons for it really, maybe they sell better that way… either way I would have really preferred to see the stripes follow around the entirety of the crown, like they’re supposed to.

Reds 2015 MLB All-Star Game Cap

New York Mets ASG Cap courtesy Twitter/@Uniwatch
New York Mets ASG Cap courtesy Twitter/@Uniwatch


Caps will feature the 2015 All-Star Game logo on the back in place of the MLB logo. Last season the ASG patch was on the side.Blue Jays 2015 MLB All-Star Game Cap


According to the ESPN report the caps will go on sale next week.


UPDATE June 18/15: MLB has since released the complete collection of their 2015 All-Star Game caps… a look at all 30 team designs here:

2015 MLB ASG Caps All