Montreal Canadiens Adding Laces, French Shield to Uniform

Canadiens Laces

The Montreal Canadiens dropped a teaser on all of us earlier today, showing nothing but a closeup of jersey material in a Tweet. Needless to say, we were not expecting the Habs to make any changes to their uniforms.

Thanks to a reliable source SportsLogos.Net eventually learned the Canadiens were planning on adding old-school laces to the collar of their jerseys, a feature which has been sorely absent from their uniform since the 1974-75 season.

Later we were pointed to a banner ad on the official Montreal Canadiens website which confirmed what this source had told us. See for yourself:

Habs Jersey Ad


The ad rotated through three images, which we screencapped and assembled for you below:
Habs Jersey Sneak

As you can see, in addition to the laces we now have a French LNH shield on the collar, it’s surprising I know but the Canadiens had used the English “NHL” shield there since they were introduced league-wide in the late ’00s.

The Habs are expected to officially unveil these changes tonight in time for the NHL Draft.

(h/t to Twitter users @hockeyJC, @WalleyeASHL)