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Stephen Curry overtakes LeBron James for most popular jersey in NBA

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It appears that King James has been unseated in one category, and once again, a Chef was the one who made the King abdicate his throne. The NBA announced its jersey sale numbers during the Playoffs (April-June), and Stephen Curry has ended LeBron James’ three-year run at the top of the jersey sales table.
NBA Jersey Sales Numbers

It’s not surprising that Curry’s jersey is currently the most popular jersey in the NBA. He’s currently the MVP, and his team is currently sitting atop the NBA as the Champions. Plus, he’s just an extremely fun player to watch and is nowhere near as polarizing as other star players tend to be. Curry is an extremely likeable figure in the NBA, so it definitely makes sense that his jersey is currently extremely popular. It’s just too bad that the Warriors’ uniforms aren’t exactly the best in the NBA, but that’s just my opinion.

What is a shock, however, is who’s sitting at #14 on that list. Well, it wouldn’t be a shock if you’re a Cavaliers fan, but it’s definitely got the rest of the NBA world scratching its head. Matthew Dellavedova? Top 15 jersey in the NBA? Really? It’s a weird time in the NBA, right now. Either way, congratulations to Stephen Curry for becoming the King of Jersey Sales in the NBA.