Atlanta United FC officially unveils name and crest

Atlanta United FC Logo Featured
One of the worst kept secrets in Major League Soccer became official tonight, as the MLS franchise in Atlanta announced that the club’s name would be Atlanta United FC. However, we got a look at a tightly-kept secret: The club’s new crest.

Atlanta United FC Logo 3

When it comes to the name, club owner Arthur Blank explained that the name reflects the “unity in Atlanta.” So no, it wasn’t about two clubs merging together or anything like that. It’s a sign of unity. The choice of name wasn’t the most popular choice, but it appears that AUFC is willing to stick by it. Plus, the fans didn’t boo the name out of the building when it was officially announced, so maybe that’s a sign of fans reaching the “acceptance” part of the stages of grief?

Atlanta United FC Logo 1

As far as the logo is concerned, the reasoning behind the colors should be obvious: Arthur Blank owns the Atlanta Falcons and the team’s new stadium (which AUFC will be sharing with the Falcons) will have mostly red and black seats, so red and black were always going to be involved in the team’s color scheme.

Atlanta United FC Logo 2

The team also decided to go with a gold color as an accent color, which is a bit of a departure from the athletic gold that the team used in its placeholder identity. It’s a nice touch. The roundel logo itself is pretty solid. It’s not the most striking logo that you’ll see, but it’s a solid crest for a soccer team, and if they get the kit right, then this could be a pretty unique identity in MLS (well, except for the name, but you catch my drift, here).

The club also has in-depth explanations for their name and logo, so go ahead and check those out as well.

Atlanta United Logo 2

What do you guys think about the newest MLS identity? Is this a good look for Atlanta United, or did they send this shot over the crossbar and into the stands? Let us know what you think!