Odell Beckham Jr. leads NFL in June jersey sales

NFL June Jersey Sales F
The NFL’s offseason is currently in a bit of a lull. You know that’s the case when the biggest NFL story right now concerns a guy who may have blown his hand to bits with fireworks on the Fourth of July. With that being said, NFL fans buy jerseys every month of the year, and June is no different.

The league has released its jersey sale numbers for the month of June, and New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. was the king of jersey sales in June.
NFL June Jersey Sales
Some observations:

  • The two biggest rookie QBs are doing pretty well for themselves. Marcus Mariota’s in second, and even though he’s severely handicapped with one of the ugliest uniforms in the NFL, Jameis Winston is sitting in a solid eighth place.
  • Tom Brady’s in third. So much for Deflategate putting a dent in his popularity.
  • Two Raiders are on this list. The team may not be good on the field as of late, but they’ve still got a pretty strong fanbase. Plus it helps that they’ve got some timeless uniforms as well.
  • I shouldn’t be shocked that 12th Fan jerseys sell as well as they do, but I am.
  • <oe Haden made it into the Top 25, which means that those new Cleveland jerseys are doing pretty well among their fanbase, at least.
  • What do you guys think? Anything notable that I missed?