San Diego Gulls Uniform Leaked in NHL16 Trailer?


gulls leak

The new uniforms of the re-born San Diego Gulls may have just been leaked via a trailer for the upcoming video game NHL16.

In the trailer we see a goaltender and player for the AHL’s Gulls on the ice celebrating a victory, it shows the players wearing a uniform very similar to the Anaheim Ducks (their NHL parent club) with the Gulls logo in place of the Ducks’ “D”, bronze swapped out for light blue, and the Gulls’ “SD” alternate logo in orange on the shoulder (as memories of the Ducks’ “OC” Stadium Series logo flutter ’round our minds)…

San Diego Gulls New Uniform Leak 2


The design up the sides is different as well, instead of forming two V’s like the Ducks, this side striping stops halfway up before continuing as piping around to the sleeve striping. San Diego Gulls New Uniform Leak


It’s certainly an… interesting look? I mean, whatever happens, the logo’s still great. Amiright?

Special thanks to Twitter users @JFrank_41 and @LexiDever for the screencaps