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2016 NHL Winter Classic Logos Leaked for Event and Teams

2016 NHL Winter Classic Logo Leaks

The NHL is holding a press event at Gillette Stadium this afternoon where they are set to announce the details of the 2016 Winter Classic to be held between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins.

They forgot social media exists.

As the decorations for the event were set-up on the football field of the New England Patriots home stadium, curious onlookers naturally started snapping pics and uploading them to Twitter and Instagram. The decorations were chock full of logo leaks placed on the footprint of the rink and the stadium scoreboard.

The logo for the event itself:

And the theme logos for the Canadiens and Bruins: Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.57.58

The event logo surprisingly seems to omit the tower within Gillette Stadium, instead incorporating the stadium bridge next to the tower. No mention of Boston or New England is made, this logo is clear that the game is being played in Foxboro.

Montreal’s logo, the white “C”, was worn by the club for only two seasons — 1922/23 and 1923/24, they won the Stanley Cup while wearing this on their chest in 1924 leading to the logo being replaced by a globe for the 1925 season. The uniforms, as is the norm with the Habs, are largely the same as those worn throughout their team history… white logo aside.

Boston’s logo is from their first two seasons in the NHL – 1924/25 and 1925/26, the logo was paired with a fairly drab dark brown jersey with two simple stripes on each arm in 1924 (above) before being “awesomized” in 1925/26 (below). The logo was updated for 1927 with a logo more familiar to Bruins history.

It’s obvious which of these two uniforms the team has to wear on January 1st… plus you can throw in the whole “it’s the 90th anniversary of it” (1926-2016) angle.

Seriously, if this is the uniform matchup we get to see then everyone’s a winner.

We’ll get the full unveil around 2pm ET.


Big thanks to @nochocruz and @connor_lannon for their help with this.