Arizona State reveals new adidas football uniforms

Arizona State’s athletic program is now under the adidas umbrella, and as such, that means that there’s new uniforms in store for the most visible team in ASU’s athletic department: The football team. Now we’ve got a look at what the Sun Devils will look like when they take the field this Fall.

As promised, adidas has retained the pitchfork logo that the school went with during their Nike days, and they’ve implemented it in the new uniforms by giving it a small tweak here and there, and also utilizing the logo on the pants.



As usual with any big-time college football uniform unveiling, the new uniforms include tons of potential combinations, as you can see below:




Personally, I find it kind of odd that they don’t have a gold helmet in the set, especially considering how gold helmets have played a prominent role in the football team’s history. However, this is college football, and we all know that their helmet rules are nowhere near as concrete as those that we see in the NFL, so there’s always a possibility that they could come up with a yellow helmet in the future. But for now, it appears that the Sun Devils will be sticking to maroon, white, and black helmets.
In my opinion, these uniforms are an upgrade over their Nike set, even if they are pretty similar. Sometimes you don’t have to completely rock the boat, and it looks like adidas decided to build on a good idea instead of tearing it down and going crazy with an entirely different design. In my opinion, the Sun Devils now have some solid football uniforms. What do you guys think, though?