Two More Minor League Hockey Logo Leaks by NHL16

griff steelheads leak

Less than a week after leaking the new uniforms of the AHL’s San Diego Gulls, the guys at EA Sports are at it again. Unintentionally I’m sure.

Yesterday, screenshots came flooding into our Twitter account showing the new logos of the AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins and OHL’s Mississauga Steelheads appearing on a team select screen on a beta version of the game.

The Grand Rapids mark was seen on their alternate uniforms over the past three seasons (and apparently held the nickname of “Griffzilla”), but as Clark Rasmussen of DetroitHockey.Net noted, the Griffins primary logo from 2014-15 still appears on their anniversary logo for 2016. Then again he also notes that the Griffins online store is completely sold out of all merchandise.

At this point our best guess is that the old primary will stay around perhaps as an alternate logo. Hopefully we’ll get a better idea in the coming days but if this is it? Downgrade. Very unnecessary and disappointing change.

The Griffins wearing their new logo on an alternate jersey (pic:
The Griffins wearing their potential new logo on an alternate jersey (pic:

Mississauga’s new mark *has been confirmed* to SportsLogos.Net as the new primary logo for the Steelheads by a reliable source. It retains the same colour scheme of the previous logo but changes the position of the fish and sticks it inside a semi-roundel.

The old Mississauga Steelheads logo, replaced by a roundel for 2015-16
The old Mississauga Steelheads logo, replaced by a roundel for 2015-16

It’s an odd move is to include the city name but not the team name, instead opting for a maple leaf because how else would you know a team in the Canadian Hockey League’s Ontario Hockey League is based in Canada? Dumb. It looks better in a roundel, it’s trendy, I wouldn’t call this switch a step down but it’s certainly not a big step up either.

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