Which college football teams will be wearing those black Nike jerseys?

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Once again, Nike is shaking up the uniform game in the college football world. This time, it’s in the form of (what else) black jerseys for multiple schools. Reporter Andrew Lind tweeted out picutres of black t-shirt jersey (or shirsey) designs for 9 FBS Nike schools: Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Texas.
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Lind reported that all of these schools would eventually wear these designs on the field in the form of actual jerseys. Naturally, this caused shockwaves for most of the fanbases. I’d imagine that while schools like Oregon (of course), Florida State, and even Georgia would probably welcome these designs, it’s definitely going to be odd seeing schools like Texas, Oklahoma, and ESPECIALLY Alabama wearing a black jersey for seemingly no reason other than “it looks cool.”

However, some of these schools have reportedly declined wearing this design. Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia have all confirmed that they will not be wearing the design, and I’d probably bet eleventy billion dollars on Alabama declining to wear those jerseys as well. Florida is another school that this really makes no sense for as well. So those schools are definitely out.
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Meanwhile, Oregon is probably a safe bet to wear these uniforms (because, come on now, it’s Oregon we’re talking about here), and considering that Florida State actually has a black uniform in their set, it wouldn’t be a shock to see them break these out for a game. LSU is a pretty conservative school when it comes to uniforms, but they’ve been known to break out alts every now and then, so who knows? Those are the schools who I’d label as “maybe” wearing thse one day.

BFBS Oregon

Meanwhile, we have one confirmation of a school who will be wearing this design, and it’s the defending National Champions. The Ohio State Buckeyes will be wearing these jerseys this season for their game against Penn State. So that’s at least one school who will be wearing them.

BFBS Ohio State
So, what do you guys make of these jerseys? Are you a fan of the random black jerseys for some of college football’s most storied programs, or do you think that they should just leave these where they found them?