San Diego State incorporates Aztec Calendar into new football uniforms

Nike is pushing the envelope with another one of their college football schools, and this time, it’s actually pretty doggone cool. The San Diego State Aztecs are the latest school to receive new uniforms, and they’ve decided to go all in on the whole “Aztec” part of their identity.



I’m sure that the first thing that hits you here is the sublimation pattern that’s on the sleeves, on the pants stripes, and all over the helmet. That’s actually the Aztec Calendar design.

San Diego State’s helmet will feature a black stipe down the middle, which is a color not seen on an SDSU helmet since 2004, and a red Aztec Calendar on each side. Manufactured by Hydrographics, Inc., in Newburg, Oregon, the helmet will also have SDSU’s primary logo on the backside.

SDSU will wear its new black uniform at home games and go with a white jersey when on the road. On the center collar will be an embroidered primary San Diego State logo and the uniform sleeve panels will have the red Aztec Calendar with San Diego State emblazoned on the chest.

This season’s pants are black with a three-inch striped panel on both sides. Inside of each panel will be the red Aztec Calendar. San Diego State will wear black pants with both the white and black versions of the uniform top.



I don’t know about you, but I think that this is really cool. It’s a perfect example of how you can go modern and challenge the traditional idea of football uniforms by adding in a design element that pushes the envelope but still makes perfect sense and looks sharp, to boot. Seriously, incorporating the Aztec Calendar into the uniforms of a team that’s nicknamed the Aztecs is such a genius idea, and the execution, in my opinion, was perfect.


I seriously can’t get enough of looking at that helmet. What a thing of beauty. Are you guys as in love with these uniforms as I am, or are you over there thinking that I need to calm down? Either way, let us know exactly what you think about these uniforms.