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Toronto Raptors Unveil New Uniforms

Raptors new Home font

The Toronto Raptors unveiled their new uniforms late last night, their third major re-design in team history, via an on-stage performance by Raptors’ “Global Ambassador” Drake.

Drake modelled the new black and gold “road alternate” jersey, what many are referred to as the “Drake Uniform” as it’s the only outfit in the entire new team identity to carry his trademark colour scheme of black and gold.

New Toronto Raptors Uniforms

Following the black and gold unveil at the concert the Raptors made official the home, road, and alternate alternate uniforms. They look nearly identical to what we reported back in May, but now we get actual photos, a look at the shorts, and the team explanations to go along with them.

Raptors font

All four jerseys read “RAPTORS” across the front in an exaggerated arch using the new custom team font which they’re calling “WE THE LETTERS” (seriously); not a single jersey will say “TORONTO”. All four jerseys all follow the exact same template, it’s just a simple click on the paint bucket tool to design the entire set. Player numbers are below the team name in (yes, still seriously) “WE THE NUMBERS” font. “WE THE EYEROLL”, amiright?

Two chevrons on the side of every jersey, pointing up to the north
Two chevrons on the side of every jersey, pointing up to the north

Around the collar we see three stripes following a dark/light/dark pattern, the sleeves will have two stripes going (from outside to in) dark then light. A thick single stripe goes up either side of the jersey with two chevrons, a nod to their past uniforms. While previously the chevrons were pointing down, they’ve been flipped up-side-down. The chevrons now point up, to the north, a play on the “We the North” motto the club has been using.

Speaking of that motto, it’s going on the jersey. Front, near the bottom, visible only to players (and fans who buy authentics) as they tuck the jersey into their shorts. Like the Sixers and Bucks before them this “jock tag” is upside-down so it appears right side up when the wearer is looking down.

A maple leaf is on the front waistband of all the shorts
A maple leaf is on the front waistband of all the shorts
Raptors Unveil New Uniform
New logo on the side of the shorts

Shorts will have a maple leaf on the waistband fulfilling Canadian propaganda laws, up the side of the shorts you get the only reference that this team actually plays in and represents a city known as “Toronto”, a large “T” with the “basketclaw” logo below it to create a visual of a “T” and an “O”, or “T.O.” a local nickname of the city more popular a couple generations ago. (my generation made it a little better calling it “T-Dot”, these kids now call it “The 6ix” after the area code despite never having made a phone call in their lives). There is also a thick stripe at the very bottom of the shorts.

Toronto Raptors New Uniform Explained

Raptors New uniform compare

The new set is just like the new logos… certainly not a bad design, just kinda boring; “safe” is a good word to describe it.



Raptors Home Uniform

Jersey is white with red and silver collar/sleeve trim, name and number in black with silver trim. Red stripes with silver chevrons up either side. Shorts have black/silver maple leaf on waistband, red “T” and claw logo on side.



Raptors Road Jersey

Like the old set, team will wear red on the road. Black and silver around the collar and arms, lettering is white with silver trim. Black stripes with silver chevrons on the side. Shorts are also red with white maple leaf on waist, a black “T” and claw-ball logo on the side.



Raptors Alt 1 Jersey

Again, like the old set the Raps go with a black alternate. Red and silver trim at the collar and arms, red stripes up the sides with silver chevrons. Lettering is white and silver. Shorts have a white maple leaf at the waist and a red “T”/ball combo on the sides.



Raptors Alt 2 Jersey

Suddenly, gold appears. Black uniform with gold and white at collar and arm holes. “RAPTORS” across the front in white with gold trim. Up the sides we have gold stripes with white (not silver) chevrons. Shorts have a white or gold maple leaf (conflicting photos) on the waistband with the T/Ball/O thing in gold on the sides.

Positives to take away from this: no sleeved jerseys, the T.O. thing on the shorts is a nice touch.

Negatives? Four jerseys and none say “TORONTO”, using the actual “WE THE NORTH” font would’ve tied the brand to that a little better, now the team is using *three different fonts* across their identity (jersey lettering/primary logo, jersey player numbering, and “We the north” slogan). The Drake alternate doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it should, but I do think the gold should have been incorporated throughout the set a little better if they wanted to make it part of their colour scheme.

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