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A Look at Red Wings-Avalanche Stadium Series Jerseys


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Are they crossing guards? Beauty queens? Or perhaps some crooked Mayor?

We don’t know. But a diagonal sash, by the accounts of a couple of sources, might just be the foundation of the 2016 NHL Stadium Series jerseys. At least for the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche.

File this one under 50/50, as in that’s my level of confidence in this, but a few eyeballs are reporting the Red Wings will be wearing a red jersey (yes red, despite being the road team) with a white sash which continues around half-way down the back, the logo on the front will be a “D” with wings coming from one side.

We didn’t get to see an image, just a description, here’s our stab at re-creating the uniform based only on that information:

red wings stadium series 2

Additional details like player numbers, arm stripes, etc. are still not-yet-known. Those who do read the articles, please let those who don’t and comment recklessly know about this.

The Colorado Avalanche will reportedly wear white at home with a sash and a logo hybrid “combining their new shoulder patch and the old Rockies logo”:

avalanche stadium series

Again, sleeve striping and number details are missing.




Keeping in mind that these are crude mockups based off of a simple text-only description, Red Wings blog “Wingin’ it in Motown” had this to add yesterday:

Just remember this when they’re released and they look better than what you see above, I’m presenting to you the idea of the design. It’s a sash with those style of logos, the Red Wings logo *will be different* but it’s still a D with wings (according to everyone we’ve talked to).