Miami FC Joins NASL, Unveils Logo


Miami FC Unveiled

Miami FC was announced as the newest member of the North American Soccer League and then promptly unveiled their new team logo.

The logo features the continent of North America on a badge with a “global sized soccer ball”, the team colours are orange, blue, and aqua.

“Our mission with MIAMI FC is to connect with Miami’s communities through the global language of soccer. We wanted to make sure the badge and seal drew inspiration from the distinctive character that makes the city great, and we also wanted to create something that was truly representative of Miami’s dynamic spirit.” – Antonio Barreto CEO of MIAMI FC

Odd explanations for every aspect of a new logo or uniform aren’t exclusive to the big 4 leagues, oh no sir, here’s the official reasons from the press release for the design of Miami FC’s logo.


Shield: Represents the team’s self-confidence and fighting spirit

Swirls: Conveys the sway of a palm trees’ fronds lining the city’s streets

Ball-globe: Commitment to soccer and reflects that Miami is a place that embraces all of the Americas

Lettering: Stylized sans-serif font reminiscent of Miami’s iconic Art Deco history


Orange: The adventurous spirit of Miami’s community and iconic sunsets setting over its horizon

Blue: Miami’s infinite skies, originates from the football club’s commitment to teamwork and undying purpose

Aqua:  The vast oceans that surround Miami’s scenic coasts

I think the explanation for the colours should have been left at “Sun, Sky, Ocean”, the rest is just marketing nonsense… I mean honestly, blue “originates from a commitment to teamwork”? C’mon.

Miami FC Logo

Miami FC will first compete in the NASL for the 2016 season. They will be the only professional soccer team to play in the city when they get underway.