Boston College goes throwback for their 2015 Shamrock Series uniforms

Boston College Throwbacks F
The Boston College Eagles will be “travelling” to Fenway Park to play “visitor” to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (who have dubbed themselves the “Green Monster” for this game. I’m sure that’ll go over well with the locals!) for Notre Dame’s annual Shamrock Series game. However, BC is making a major play for their hometown fans by wearing uniforms that will surely bring back memories of the glory days of BC football legend Doug Flutie:

Boston College Throwbacks 2

That’s right: BC is going faux-back for this game. Surely, anything that has to do with that particular era of BC football should be a huge hit with their fanbase, and considering what Notre Dame is going to be wearing for the game, BC will definitely be the best-dressed team on the field for this one.

Boston College Throwbacks

As a helpful measure, BC also released a mini-infographic explaining most of the elements of their faux-back uniform.

Boston College Throwbacks 3

Again, the striping on the base-layer is a nice touch, and one that I wish more teams would utilize. Overall, this is a solid look and BC fans should definitely be happy about seeing this look return for one game. What do you guys think, though? Should they have gotten wild with Notre Dame, or are you fine with BC just throwing up this Hail Mary of a throwback?