Notre Dame declares themselves the “Green Monster” with 2015 Shamrock Series uniform

Notre Dame Green Monster F
The Notre Dame-centered Shamrock Series is making its way to Boston this season, and the team’s annual “Home game away from home” will be hosted at Fenway Park this year. They’ll be facing the Boston College Eagles, and while BC has decided to go faux-back for the special occasion, Notre Dame has decided to once again let this be the one game where they get to go crazy with their uniforms.

The Fighting Irish normally have one of the most conservative looks in college football, except for when the Shamrock Series rolls around. That’s when they let their outfitters go nuts. 2015 is no different, as this uniform is sure to turn some heads.
Notre Dame Green Monster 1

Notre Dame Green Monster 2

Notre Dame Green Monster 3

Again, we were expecting something that would be outside of the box, and this doesn’t disappoint in that department. The shade of green is definitely striking, though that’s normally the case whenever Notre Dame decides to wear green. The colors are definitely my favorite part of this uniform. The striping is a bit weird, though; I would’ve preferred that they kept things consistent (solid striping instead of the weird thing that’s going on on the jersey, the upper leg, and on the back of the helmet) when it came to the striping. I want to like this uniform, but I don’t know if I do right now. Maybe it’ll look better in action?

Notre Dame Green Monster 5

I can’t say that I’m a fan of the helmet, though. That’s normally the most eccentric part of each Shamrock Series uniform, and this one is definitely a unique one. Here it is with the other Shamrock Series helmets.

Notre Dame Green Monster 4

I do know one thing: I’m sure that people in Boston (who aren’t already Notre Dame fans) probably won’t be pleased with an out-of-town team coming into Beantown and calling themselves the Green Monster (even if they’re technically the hosts of this game.). That should spice things up for what’s surely going to be an interesting game just by looking at the uniforms both teams have in store for the contest.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of ND’s Green Monster look? Do you hate it? Or are you like me and you’re on the fence? Either way, we’d love to hear what you think.