UCLA football replaces ugly alt uniforms with uglier alt uniforms

UCLA Black F
For the past two seasons, the UCLA Bruins football team has experimented with all sorts of uniforms that deviate from their classic powder blue-and-gold uniform combo. They started down this path of darkness in 2012 with their inaugural “LA Nights” uniform. It was mostly navy, and it wasn’t all that bad if I’m being totally honest here. In 2013, they debuted a black “LA Midnight” uniform. It didn’t go well at all. UCLA’s descent into the void continued with their “LA Steel” uniforms from last season, and again, it didn’t go well.

Now, you’d think that adidas and UCLA would get tired of this thing after three seasons, right? You’d be thinking wrong, because UCLA has unveiled their new “City” alternate, and guess what: It’s all-black!
UCLA Black 1

UCLA Black 3

Yeah, there’s not much to say other than that this is not a good look for the Bruins. Wacky alternate uniforms are all the rage in college football right now, but with great alternate uniform power comes great alternate uniform responsibility, and it appears that UCLA needs that particular responsibility revoked if this is what they’re going to allow their school’s football team to wear awful alternates every season.

UCLA Black 4

However, I’m sure there’s some of you out there who probably like this look for UCLA and I’d definitely like to hear why. Or, you can use the comments section to pile on. It’s your choice, and I might be encouraging you to do the latter. Maybe.