Kamloops Blazers Tweak Logo, Unveil New Alternate


The Western Hockey League’s Kamloops Blazers announced today that they are making a slight tweak to their primary logo.

Most noticeable is the removal of the city name from the logo resulting in a much cleaner mark and putting more emphasis on the “B”-Flame icon. There’s also a new silver outline around the flame and the B, seems unnecessary, logo would have looked fine without it.

A comparison of the old and new logos:


Blazers old vs new

The Blazers have used some variety of the B-Flame throughout their 30+ seasons in the junior-level Western Hockey League.

Also unveiled today was a new alternate logo which will be worn as a shoulder patch on the Blazers uniforms:

Blazers New Alt Logo

It’s clearly a play off of the Calgary Flames alternate uniform shoulder patch altered to be more reflective of British Columbia than the Flames’ version which is based on Alberta. The blue and white wavy lines below the hills are right from B.C.’s provincial flag.

Blazers alt

So, you see what we have here right? We have a team based in British Columbia, home of the Vancouver Canucks, with a Calgary Flames inspired shoulder patch wearing the colours of the Edmonton Oilers. Is this supposed to be Western Canada’s team? I don’t know but either everyone out west is happy or they’re equally confused.

Regardless of all that it’s a solid look for a junior league hockey team. Let’s just see some originality in that shoulder patch next time, eh?