Ball State Cardinals will wear six helmets this season

Ball State Helmets F
Welcome to college football in 2015, where everybody has more than one helmet to choose from, and if you don’t, then you’re a total lame-o, bro. The latest school to join this illustrious club is David Letterman’s alma mater, Ball State. The Cardinals will have six helmets to choose from this season, with four new choices to choose from.
Ball State Helmets 1

In addition to their regular white helmets and black helmets, they have added another set of white helmets and black helmets to choose from. The main difference is that the helmet logo and stripes have a chrome finish. In addition, numbers are on the left side of each helmet. According to Ball State’s press release, this is the first time that the Cardinals have featured numbers on the sides of their helmets since the 1960s.

Ball State Helmets 2

For comparison’s sake, here’s a look at their current white helmets and black helmets:
Ball State Helmets 5

Ball State Helmets 4

Meanwhile, the Cardinals will join the countless number of schools who pay tribute to the military and/or Breast Cancer survivors with their uniform design by having alternate helmets for both occasions. The Cardinals will actually open up their season wearing the military tribute helmet, which they’ll be wearing against the Virginia Military Institute. Go figure. Meanwhile, they haven’t set a date for when they’ll be wearing the pink-tinged helmet, but it’ll happen at some point during October.

Ball State Helmets 3

It’s kind of weird that unveilings like this have become a bit ho-hum, but here we are. Again, welcome to college football in 2015. What do you guys think, though? Which one of the multitude of options that Ball State has to choose from is your favorite?