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Louisville Cardinals will have blackout on September 17th vs. Clemson

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We’ve got yet another blackout night on the horizon in college football, and it comes from the team with the most fearsome-looking Cardinal in the entire nation: The Louisville Cardinals. They’ll be wearing those “uncaged” Cardinal uniforms for their season opener, but for their conference opener, the Cardinals have decided to have a blackout.
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Here’s a description of the blackout unis from Louisville’s press release on the matter:

Centered around an all-black theme, the uniform jersey features oversized chrome and red metallic numbers, accented by chrome and metallic red wings on the shoulder pads. Additional detailing includes an oversized red translucent Cardinal logo that is prominently displayed on the black glossy and metallic red helmet.

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Overall, it really seems like this is the home version of the “Uncaged Cardinal” uniform that I linked you to in the lede, except there’s a big lack of demonic cardinals on the helmet. The helmet is still a point of conversation, though. That lid is going to look mighty interesting once it gets under the lights of a big-time college football stadium. Other than that, it just looks like your typical blackout look. It seems like everybody’s doing this type of thing nowadays, so you’ve really got to do something special with your look to stick out. Other than the helmet, Louisville won’t exactly be setting the world on fire with this particular blackout, in my opinion.

But what do you guys think? Is this a good look for the Cardinals? Are they going to accomplish their mission of looking super-intimidating on the field? Should they have brought back that wacky, kooky, Uncaged Cardinal for this look as well? Let us know what you think.