Pitt Panthers will adopt classic script logo as new logo in 2016-17

Pitt helmet
Last season, we passed on the news that Pitt would be going back to using the classic script logo on their football helmets. They were originally thought to be just special helmets for homecoming, the team decided to keep the helmets for the rest of the season.

Now, it appears that Pitt will not only be keeping those helmets going forward, but the Pitt script logo will now become the official logo of athletics for the Pitt Panthers. Yes, the script logo will now be all over Pitt’s entire athletic program.

Here’s an excerpt from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette’s report on the matter:

In an interview this week, [Pitt athletic director Scott] Barnes confirmed that Pitt will ditch the block logo and reinstate the Pitt script logo as its primary mark across all sports.

The goal is to have a roll-out for new apparel this spring, and have all of Pitt’s athletic teams in new script uniforms for the 2016-17 school year. The school’s colors will remain navy blue and gold.

“When that Pitt script is showing, we want people all over the country to understand that’s the University of Pittsburgh,” Barnes said.

Barnes admitted that this rebranding process was a bit different than the one he undertook as athletic director at Utah State in 2012, which was a 15-month effort that involved countless meetings and focus groups. Because the script logo was added back to the helmets last season, Barnes had to work a bit quicker and more anecdotally here, but he thought the answer was pretty obvious.

“That brand is a no-brainer, I would say, to our alumni base and our constituent base,” Barnes said. “It didn’t take long at all because I heard it every day in emails and on Twitter.”

Once again, this is proof that if the fans raise a big enough stink, change will occur. Pitt fans clearly favored the old school Pitt script logo over the block logo, and now they’ll be getting the script logo back as a result.

I’m sure that any Pitt fans who are reading this are ecstatic about this, but what about everybody else? Are you glad to see the classic Pitt script logo return? Are you going to miss the block logo?