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Fix-It Friday: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The 1997 – 2012 Buccaneers uniform could be considered a modern classic, a near untouchable piece of design that could not possibly be improved upon. It may have had things that one would not care for aesthetically, but there were no major craftsmanship issues about it.


The exact reasons the team wanted to change the uniform and logos are unknown to me but most likely ownership wanted to jump start sales and create a buzz about the team because the on field product had been poor for years. So, like a vile pirate haphazardly waving his cutlass about the air, Nike (and the NFL with their logo design) storms the scene and plunders it’s way through the entire Tampa Bay identity.


The Good

The helmet is painted metallic pewter that is a bit darker than the previous swatch with a satin coat on top. The silver face mask completes a unique look that reflects things like cannonballs, swords, or anchors. It just looks like something you would find on a pirate ship, and is really a fantastic helmet.

If there were ever a logo that should be oversized, the charging sword carrying a red pirate flag is it. It’s not a logo that should be treated as an elegant mark like the Packers or Giants. This is a logo that screams “CHARGE!” and wants to run into battle with swords raised high through a cloud of cannon smoke!

If they wanted something that would make a visual impact and capture the attitude of a band of pirates charging into battle, they nailed it. This helmet already was a unique design with it’s pewter shell, but now it separates itself even more from anyone else in the NFL with the large logo.


The Bad

Not to spend too much time on the logo, but some things needs to be addressed because they are a part of this series. The ends of this new flag deviate from the style of the rest of the logo. Things become much more random and complex where they don’t really need to be. It makes for an odd look, especially when they’ve cleaned up the black lines/tears through the rest of the flag. it has lost it’s “waving in the wind” look and there is no dimension to the flag, while the art inside is very detailed.

The worst part of the uniform is the laziness of the design. There is no craftsmanship to it or even a good idea of how the pewter and red (or white) should play with each other. The colors run to a seam on the front and back and look as though it’s 2 different jerseys pieced together. What makes the Titans jersey work in a similar way is there is a nice edge on both sides of the shoulder yoke and you clearly see how it was intended to curve and flow over the shoulders on the front and back. The Buc’s version is fill-in-the-blank design. Putting the pewter on the shoulders seems a bad idea to begin with as it’s color doesn’t quite match the helmet.

The numbers are horrible but I don’t quite get the “digital clock” look that most have compared it to; it’s just the “2” that looks that way to me. The rest of the digits couldn’t be more disjointed or inconsistent, and actually appear broken.

The pants stripe is just as unimaginative and disconnected as anything else; just take two blocks of colour and run it to the seams. The Jaguars got the same treatment in 2013.




When deciding what grade to give this uniform I have to decide if there is anything worth saving, because that’s the difference between a 2 and a 1 star rating. Yes, I think the helmet is very good. I love the satin finish, the metallic pewter, the silver mask and the idea of an oversized logo. That’s where it stops because theres nothing about the logos or the rest of the uniform that I think are better than the previous version. The uniform from the neck down is so bad, I cannot bring myself to give them a full 2 stars.




This proposed design is more about rewinding the clock than anything else. There is so much that was done right in the 1997 re-brand that it is worth bringing back and building upon that rather than using the cheap “updated” versions. This series is supposed to be about minor changes and fixing what is wrong without being driven too much by my own opinions, but in this case there is just a lot to address here and we need to make significant changes.



Starting with the logo, I’ve redrawn everything but it is more reflective of the ’97 brand. Compared to the 2013 version, I’ve put more “motion” into the flag, simplified the skull and swords, clean up the lines on the tattered ends, and changed the sword hilt design and perspective completely. The rest of the 2013 helmet design remains the same.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fixed.

The jersey and pants also has more in common with the 1997 design than the 2013, but on major difference is the use of a silver fabric on the numbers and pants stripe, which is made to look like the edge of a sword with an appropriately placed red line running down the blade.

FixIt Bucs

Thanks for reading, share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure check back each and every Friday to see who we fix next.

Critique Guidelines

5 – Exceptional.  Design that is unique to the team and/or perfectly captures their culture/brand. May be a traditional design, but no mistaking for competitors. Technical craftsmanship is without flaws. Consistency and unity among every element and across every jersey cut and helmet design.

4 – Very Good. Design is appealing and appropriate. May be a template/colours that resembles competitor(s). Perhaps a slight miss on details and/or minor flaws in craftsmanship.

3 – Passable.  There are multiple issues that need to be addressed in the future, or have overlooked some details. Perhaps an off-branding move, but has a solid foundation with passable design decisions.

2 –Poor. Poor design decisions, and/or poor craftsmanship in multiple areas. Will have to be redone, but there is something worth saving and building upon.

1 – Fail. Poor design, and poor craftsmanship through out. No cohesiveness between multiple pieces or combinations. Little to nothing worth using again. Could be compared too closely to design of competitor(s)

  • Uniform must identify the team clearly from distance and from TV angles.
  • Jersey numbers must be readable from distance and from TV angles.
  • Team logos will be part of the critique.
  • Throwback uniforms will not be part of critique, but alternate colour pieces will.