NHL Shop Leaks Ducks, Avalanche Third Jerseys

Ducks Avs Leak


The NHL Shop has leaked photographs of the new Anaheim Ducks and Colorado Avalanche third jerseys, neither of which are due to be unveiled for weeks.

Anaheim’s jersey shows a modern Ducks re-colouring of a Mighty Ducks classic, the old Disney-era logo is front and centre on an orange jersey with black and bronze striping. The Ducks “D” primary logo is on each shoulder. There’s also an “ANAHEIM” wordmark going up one side of the collar (pic lower in the post).

Colorado pays homage to their state flag, the team’s new “CO” logo from that flag (and from the shoulder of their new home and road jerseys) is on the chest with a mountain peak behind it in burgundy and blue, white shoulders with a Colorado state flag on the left.


The Ducks collar includes an "Anaheim" wordmark
The Ducks collar includes an “Anaheim” wordmark

Both logos on these jerseys are throwbacks to those worn previously in these respective cities, as mentioned earlier the Ducks wore this logo in a green and yellow colour scheme from 1993-2006, while the old Colorado Rockies wore another version of this crest in blue, yellow, and red from 1976 – 1982.

Original Mighty Ducks vs New Ducks
Original Mighty Ducks vs New Ducks
Original Rockies vs Modern Avs
Original Rockies vs Modern Avs

This is as legit of a leak as you’re going to get, straight from the horse’s mouth! What are your thoughts on these new uniforms?

Since I’m sure it’s only a matter of minutes before these get pulled from the NHL site, here’s the screencaps showing them on the shop:

Avs on NHL

Ducks Leak NHL

Special thanks to @DeeJK2 for the heads up about the Ducks jersey on Twitter