Suns unveil black alternate jersey, minor uniform changes, and new court design

Suns black uni feature
Back in July, we got our hands on a leaked image of a motherload of NBA uniform designs for the upcoming season. One of those images included what appeared to be a black alternate jersey for the Suns. Yesterday, we ended up getting a much better look at that jersey as the Suns went ahead and unveiled their newest alternate jersey.
Suns black uni 1

Suns black uni 2

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Here’s a description of the reasoning behind this uniform from

The PHX first was emblazoned across the chest of the “Seven Seconds or Less” Suns jerseys as they went on to capture the imagination of Valley and NBA fans. As a team known for innovation, it should come as no surprise that the Suns were the first NBA team to use an abbreviation of their hometown on their uniforms. The alternate orange jersey with a white PHX outlined in purple was the defining look of one of the most proud eras in franchise history. An era led by two-time MVP and future Ring of Honor member Steve Nash. The look represented the fast paced and fun style while showing the civic pride that has been a hallmark since the team’s inception in 1968. As an homage to this era and it’s captain, the new look will be worn 13 different times throughout the 2015-16 season starting with opening night October 28.

The color of the uniform hearkens back to another group of the Valley’s favorite Suns, too. The black jersey and shorts pay homage to the alternate set that debuted during Sir Charles’ reign during the 1994-95 season. The purple and orange piping along the neckline is also a call back to that beloved uniform.

Suns black uni 4

Suns black uni 5

Now, I’m not usually a fan of teams using the same color for their script as the rest of the uniform. This situation is no different, as the black-on-black look is a bit too subdued for a team known as the Suns. At the risk of sounding too much like a fan of nostalgia, their black uniforms from the ’90s work much better, and they probably would’ve been better off trying to modernize that uniform instead of going for a look like this. In my opinion, it’s a pretty big miss.

In other uniform news that’s really positive, they got rid of the sleeves on their orange alternate, which instantly makes that particular uniform one of the best in the NBA. Go figure — They added a pretty bad uniform to their set while giving one of their existing uniforms a huge upgrade. Additionally, they’ve switched their Noche Latina uniform from a sleeved black jersey to a normal purple jersey.

Suns black uni 7

suns black uni 6

Lastly, the Suns have modified their court as well. They’ve dropped the weirdly symmetrical script logo from center court and replaced it with the traditional Sunburst logo. I’m sure this will make traditionalists very happy.


There you have it: A couple of big changes helped to sandwich a few minor changes for the Phoenix Suns. What do you guys make of the changes? Can you get anything positive out of that black alternate? Aren’t you so happy that they cut the sleeves off of that orange alt? What do you all think of the court? Let us know what you think!