Pic Leaks of San Jose Sharks Throwback Uniforms

Sharks Hertiage Uniform Leak

The San Jose Sharks will be celebrating their 25th anniversary throughout the 2015-16 season with what the team is calling a special “heritage jersey”… so is that a throwback? Or is that a “fauxback”? Kinda like the Washington Capitals did at the Winter Classic in January

Late last night a clue appeared on Twitter as there was yet another leak of a new NHL uniform, and she looks like a straight-up throwback to the Sharks expansion season road teal uniform. Here it is:

Sharks Leak

The photo shows the apparent heritage jersey on a rack of modern team jerseys (note the orange stripe and darker shade of teal on the jersey behind it). The design is practically identical to those worn on the road by the club during their first seven seasons from 1991-92 through 1997-98, the most noticeable difference is with the addition of the NHL shield and in the cut of the jersey which you can see clearly in the collar.

This is slightly eyebrow-raising since this exact design didn’t seem to be the cards when the team announced their anniversary plans earlier this summer:

For a limited number of games during the 2015-16 season, the team will wear a newly-created “Heritage Jersey.” This new jersey was developed by Terry Smith, who created the original Sharks logo and uniforms, and many of the other iconic designs associated with the team.  According to Smith, “The Heritage Jersey represents the present of the Sharks franchise while paying stark homage to its past.” The Heritage Jersey, along with the game schedule of when it will be worn, will be unveiled at a later date.

Did they change their mind? Describe it incorrectly? Is the new Reebok cut on it’s own considered “representing the present”? Or is this just something else altogether?

The San Jose Sharks wore this uniform originally throughout the 1990s
The San Jose Sharks wore this uniform originally throughout the 1990s

Whatever it is it looks good and it’ll be great to see this teal classic (yes, it’s a classic now!) take the ice again.