2015 NFL Logo/Uniform Preview

NFL Gold Logo Featured
It’s here, folks: Finally, the NFL has come back to the field! It really couldn’t come a second sooner, considering all of the time that the league has spent in the courthouse and in the equipment rooms over the summer. It’s good that we’re finally going to focus on the action on the field. Also, it’s time to focus on what the teams are going to be wearing on the field, and that’s always fun. Not too many teams made major changes this season, but there’s still plenty to pay attention to here.

Of course, we have to start with the fact that the league itself is celebrating the 50th Super Bowl by going gold. Without going full-on Goldfinger mode, the NFL is trying their best to go gold with everything they possibly can without being too tacky.

NFL Gold 50 - 3

NFL Gold 50 - 5

This will be most visible on the field, as every stadium will have the number 50 painted gold on the field, and there will be gold NFL logos visible as well. Metlife Stadium always has the NFL logo painted at midfield, so that’ll be the best way to see what a black-and-gold NFL logo will look like on the field.

NFL Gold Logo

Now, it’s time to check out what the teams themselves are up to this season.



The San Francisco 49ers have never worn a jersey that wasn’t white or red. That will change during Week 1 of this season, as the Niners will be wearing black alternates. There will be black pants to go with this, and there’s not a single bit of gold on the uniform (aside from the helmet and Nike logos). They’ll also have a black endzone on the field at Levis Stadium. This entire move to black definitely seems like something that was added just to look “cool,” except it doesn’t really look all that cool and just seems like a desperate attempt to jump on a trend.

49ers Black 1(2)


The Bears were nice enough to give us a schedule of what uniforms they’ll be wearing this season. Also, this is confirmation that their throwbacks have survived for another season.

Bears schedule


The throwbacks are back for another season, and they’ll be wearing them for Week 1, at least.
Bills helmets


Denver will be wearing their blue alternates for Week 8 against the Packers and Week 14 (with blue pants) against the Raiders.


As far as NFL uniform news was concerned, this was the main event of the offseason. While the initial unveiling of the new logo and helmet elicited a huge shoulder shrug from football fans, the uniforms definitely caught a lot of eyes. We finally got to see them in action, and while it’s definitely an interesting look, it’s still a downgrade from their previous, classic uniforms.

Browns 1

Browns 2

Browns 3

Browns 4


This will be Tampa Bay’s 40th season in the NFL, so they’ll be wearing this patch all season to commemorate the occasion. They probably could’ve used an extreme makeover, but that’s another story for another day.

Bucs 40th

Cardinals, Chargers, and Chiefs

Unless they made a quiet change during the offseason, you should probably expect them to wear their current alternate jerseys at some point. This means black jerseys for the Cardinals, powder blue for the Chargers, and that all-red blood-clot uniform for the Chiefs.


They still haven’t fixed the silvers and blues on their uniform. That’s not news or anything, I just wanted to point it out because it makes me sad when a season comes and goes without this being fixed. They need to choose a blue, choose a silver, and get it over with. You could be so beautiful, Dallas!

Cowboys mess


Miami’s celebrating their 50th season in the NFL in a big way. First, they’ll be doing the usual thing by wearing patches for the entire season.

Dolphins Patch

Secondly, they’ll be wearing throwbacks from 1966 for their Week 14 Monday Night Football tilt against the New York Giants. Honestly, I wish they’d wear them a lot more often than just for one game.
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.55.36

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.55.01

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 13.03.29


Philadelphia will honor the memory of franchise legend Chuck Bednarik by wearing a special helmet decal on the back of their helmets.

Eagles helmet


This will be Atlanta’s 50th season in the league, and they’ll mark the occasion by wearing a patch all season.

Falcons patch


The blue side of New York will pay tribute to Frank Gifford by wearing a decal on the back of their helmets for the entire season. They’ll also be wearing a patch in honor of Ann Mara, but there’s no photos of that.

Giants decal

Plus, the Giants are another one of those cool teams who decided to post their uniform schedule for the season. Check it out!

Giants Schedule


There are no major changes, but the Lions are still wearing the patch in honor of William Clay Ford, so this may be a permanent change for the Lions.

Lions patch


The good news is that they got rid of the Acme Packers throwbacks. The bad news is that the new throwbacks aren’t that much better.

Packers Throwbacks 1

Packers Throwbacks 2


Carolina gets added to the “cool” list for posting their uniform schedule. What’s interesting is that they’ll be wearing their blue alternates three times this season, and none of those times are at home. Strange.



The script logo that they added to everything (including the endzones) except for the uniforms last season has finally been added to the uniforms.

Patriots script


Oakland is now the latest team to switch to Nike’s Elite 51 template after staying with their old template when the league switched to Nike. Interestingly, there’s no flywire pattern on the collar, so that’s a positive. Also makes you wonder if teams had the option to keep the flywire on their collars, or if this is a new option.

Raiders collar


Only news here is to be on the lookout for their throwbacks at some point during the season.


This will be the 20th season in the NFL for Baltimore, so they’ll be wearing a patch.

Ravens 20th Anniversary Patch


The Saints didn’t exactly formally release their uniform schedule like other teams did, but they still informed the fans of what they’d be wearing for home games by posting their uniform color on tickets. Counting the preseason, the Saints play 10 games at home this season. They’ll be wearing white for the first five home games, and then they’ll switch to black for the final five home games.

Saints uni schedule


The “Bumblebee” throwbacks will live to see another season. They’ll be wearing them for their Week 8 clash against the Bengals.

Visually... interesting

Pittsburgh Steelers Throwbacks


As usual, the Texans have released their home uniform schedule. They’re one of the pioneers of this sort of thing, so I would’ve been shocked if they didn’t do something like this. We salute you, Houston.


Tennessee has switched back to wearing navy blue jerseys as their primary, and the baby blue jerseys have been relegated to alternate status. This was actually one of the earliest NFL uniform news items to break, as we found out about this back in November of last year.


There aren’t any major uniform changes (and there shouldn’t be after their big uniform change went over really well), but they have decided to change the numbers on the field at TCF Bank Stadium.

Vikings field numbers


So, that should cover all of the changes and new stuff that we’ll be seeing from NFL teams this season. IF a team was omitted, then it’s because they don’t fall into the category of having changes that were really worth mentioning. Of course, if you think that it was worth mentioning, then feel free to share in the comments. If there was anything else we missed, then let us know!

What was your favorite change of the offseason? Who made the biggest mistake? Aren’t you ready for actual professional football to be played now?