Rockets unveil Clutch City alternates, plus two other alternate uniforms

Rockets 2015 Alternates F
Earlier today, we got wind of news that the Houston Rockets were going to unveil new alternate uniforms. Well, we ended up getting three new alternate uniforms from the Rockets. Yes, you read that right and you’re seeing the image about correctly. In fact, one of these uniforms won’t be worn until the 2016-17 season. The Rockets are going all-in with this whole alternate uniform business.
Rockets 2015 Alternates
First, we have to talk about the only sleeveless alternate here, and the clear gem of the trio. This is a rare example of a random black jersey that actually looks decent enough, at least in my opinion. The numbers could use a red outline and the logos on the collar and shorts could’ve used a white outline, but overall, this isn’t a bad alternate uniform for the Rockets. Too bad they won’t be wearing it until the 2016-17 season.
Rockets 2015 Alternates 3
Now it’s time to enter the sleeved jersey portion of this unveiling. The silver alternate just looks like a mishmash of a whole bunch of ideas. The shoulder striping is a bit odd, and this jersey probably would’ve benefited from a sublimated checkerboard design like on the black alternates, rather than just going ahead and placing the checkerboard design in black and white on the sides. It’s just an odd-looking uniform, but that’s normally the case when it comes to sleeved jerseys in the NBA.
Rockets 2015 Alternates 1
Finally, we have what appears to be the evolved form of their retro-inspired alternate uniforms from the past few seasons. They’ve grown sleeves and replaced “Houston” with “Clutch City” sandwiching the numbers. Now, I was never a huge fan of those old alternates, but I guess after looking at these, I should’ve appreciated those alternates more. We didn’t know how good we had it with those uniforms.
Rockets 2015 Alternates 2

Houston will debut the Clutch City pride uniforms on November 14th, and they’ll be wearing the gray alternates 11 days later. The alternates will probably be worn on occasion throughout the 2016-17. So, which one is your favorite in the bunch? Do you even have a favorite in this trio of alternate uniforms? Let us know what you think.