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NBA and Stance begin to reveal team-colored socks for upcoming season

NBA Stance Socks
Earlier in the offseason, we shared the news that Stance would become the official sock supplier of the NBA. With this news came the intriguing development that Stance would also make sure that the teams would wear socks that were designed with each team’s colors, instead of the traditional black socks and white socks that NBA teams had come to wear over the years. Now, we’re finally getting a look at what these socks are looking like, as teams are starting to unveil their sock designs.

A handful of teams have decided to unveil their sock look for the upcoming season. We got a bit of a sneak preview when the Hawks unveiled their flashy uniforms a while back, and now we’re getting a clear look at these socks for the first time. The design for the road uniform definitely fits right in with the rest of the uniform.
NBA Stance Socks 1

Meanwhile, the Hornets should generate a bit of buzz (I’m sorry) themselves with this particular sock design.
NBA Stance Socks 4

The rest of the designs are pretty straightforward, but still pretty eyecatching to say the least. The most interesting part to me, at least, is that the Celtics stuck with black socks as a base design. I don’t know if that’s weird or if they’re just sticking to tradition in that regard. Either way, I’m just a little shocked that they didn’t go with green socks.
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The NBA’s going to have a lot of color injected into their socks this season, and for me, it’s a welcome sight to see. Do you agree, or do you think that they should’ve just stuck to the regular-ol’ black and white socks?