Bulls reveal new, upgraded court design for 2015-16 season

Bulls Court Feature
Ever since the Chicago Bulls moved into the United Center for the 1994 NBA season, Chicago’s basketball team has played on basically the same court design with a few tweaks here and there over the years.

Now, after two decades, the Bulls have finally decided to make a big change to their court, and for the most part, the changes are an upgrade over the previous version.

Bulls Court

For starters, the random basketball that was laid below the Bulls logo at center court is now gone. That was the biggest problem with their previous court, so it’s definitely great to see that the only basketball on this court will be an actual, material basketball instead of one that was randomly placed at center court.

Additionally, the baseline/sideline scripts now match up with the official script that you see in the Bulls’ primary logo, and the iconic four stars from Chicago’s city flag are now on the sidelines as well. Here’s more from the Bulls’ press release:

The iconic bull head logo at center court has increased in size by 75 percent and the image of a basketball that was previously behind the logo has been removed. The “CHICAGO BULLS” text on the endlines has been changed to the font used in the official Bulls logo to make the court design more consistent with the Bulls brand, and the same font has been applied to the “Bulls.com” and the “@ChicagoBulls” text on the north apron of the court.

The lines on the court have been changed from red and white to all black to emphasize the bold colors of the Bulls brand.

In my opinion, this is a pretty big upgrade from their previous court design. It’s not that the old court was bad or anything like that — It’s just that it was in need of an upgrade for this day and age, and I’d say that the Bulls did a pretty good job of moving their court out of the ’90s and into this decade.

What do you guys think, though? Solid court upgrade for the Bulls, or do you miss the court from the Second Jordan Dynasty?