Miami Hurricanes let common sense prevail when it comes to their football nameplates

adidas football feature
Back during college football’s opening weekend, a couple of adidas schools stole the show with their wacky nameplates. The Louisville Cardinals are reportedly sticking with their nameplates, but the Miami Hurricanes have decided that it’s time for a change.

Miami Athletic Director Blake James tweeted that the football team will be dumping the weird nameplates and will be going to a “traditional block letter font.” That sound you hear is a huge sigh of relief from Miami’s fanbase, who have to be relieved that their school’s football team will soon have legible nameplates.

We may have gotten a sneak preview at what the new nameplates could look like thanks to this photo of a replica jersey:

Miami Nameplates

Again, it’s a replica jersey so the authentic product could look a lot different, but it’s clear that unless adidas and Miami managed to find an even weirder block font, then whatever they come up with should be a huge upgrade for the Canes.