Spurs welcome The Great One to White Hart Lane by misspelling his name

Gretzky Feature
Today was a pretty bad day for Tottenham Hotspur, all things considered. Firstly, they lost their League Cup match against their hated rivals Arsenal thanks to Mathieu Flamini (of all people) scoring two goals to lead the Gunners to victory. Secondly, Arsenal’s fans proceeded to do their best to tear up White Hart Lane afterwards, so both clubs didn’t exactly shine in glory today. Lastly, Spurs had a very special guest at the Lane today — None other than the greatest hockey player of all time, Wayne Gretzky.

Now, you’d think someone with as much name recognition as Wayne Gretzky could avoid having his name misspelled on a jersey, right? You’d think wrong, as the good people at Spurs presented The Great One with his very own “Gretsky” shirt.


Being the all-time record holder in nearly every relevant hockey statistic doesn’t get you as far as it used to, I guess. Once Spurs took their licks on social media, they quickly apologized and announced that they’d be giving Gretzky a jersey with his name actually spelled right. Fortunately, The Great One was pretty graceful in his response to the gaffe.

On the bright side, at least this happened overseas in a completely different sport, instead of happening in his own sport for the team that he played for at the time. Yikes.

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