Washington Wizards unveil Baltimore Bullets-esque Pride uniforms

Wizards Bullets Alts F
So, does everyone remember that time during the Washington Wizards’ history when they played in Baltimore, were known as the Bullets, and wore these uniforms?
Baltimore Bullets 1970s

Do you remember when the Wizards decided to break them out as throwback uniforms (albeit with a few tweaks) for a night?

Do you remember anybody clamoring for the Wizards to bring this particular look back into the spotlight in 2015-16? Maybe you didn’t hear those cries, but apparently the Wizards did, because they’ve confirmed what we saw in the initial leak from back in the Summer and they’ve unveiled an update to those uniforms that’s somehow funkier than what they actually wore in the ’70s.
Wizards Bullets Alts

Obviously, the biggest difference between the actual throwbacks/fauxbacks that the Wizards wore a few years ago and these new uniforms is that these are sleeved. I can’t really think of a reason why they’d go with the sleeved look here, other than to hop on the trend train that Adidas is currently at the wheel of. In addition, they also added the Monument-ball secondary logo and placed it on top of the wide striping that’s going from the shorts and onto the jersey. True to the throwbacks, the number is placed on the right-hand side of the chest, ad also true to the throwbacks, the team placed their DC logo on the bottom of the shorts.

Wizards Bullets Alts 2
Wizards Bullets Alts 3

The team has announced that they’ll be wearing these uniforms on at least six occasions this season. If they were going for a look that would’ve fit right in with all of the funky uniforms that populated professional basketball during the ’70s, then the Wizards and Adidas absolutely nailed it with this look. But for now, it’s definitely one of the weirder uniforms that you’ll see in the NBA this upcoming season.

What do you guys think, though? Do you like this look for the Wizards, or should they have just left this look back in the past?