Milwaukee Bucks become first NBA team to unveil alternate court

Fear the Deer Court Feature
We’ve all grown used to sports teams unveiling alternate uniforms, and we’ve especially gotten used to teams unveiling cutting-edge looks as well, which is what the Bucks have done with their latest “Fear the Deer” alternate uniform look. However, the Bucks took things to another level when they unveiled an alternate court to go along with their new primary court. That’s right: The Bucks have become the first team in NBA history to have an alternate court at their disposal.
Fear the Deer Court 1

Fear the Deer Court #2

The Bucks will be wearing their Fear The Deer alternate uniforms for four home games (12/9 vs. Clippers, 1/12 vs. Bulls, 2/22 vs. Lakers, and 3/6 vs. Thunder) and they’ll be playing on the aforementioned court for those four games.

As far as the uniforms are concerned, it’s cleare that they wanted the Deer to be the focus of their new uniforms, because the Deer Head logo has taken the place of a wordmark, and is only accompanied by the player’s number.

Fear the Deer Uniform #1

Fear The Deer Uniform #3

Fear The Deer Uniform #4

Fear The Deer Uniform #5

Fear The Deer Uniform #6

Here’s a bit from the team’s press release on the matter, and also a nifty infographic explaning the elements of the uniform’s design:

The new Fear the Dear platform strips away the periphery of the Bucks brand, leaving the focus squarely on the team and setting a simple, aggressive tone. The new uniforms have been stripped of their base color and traditional front wordmark, leaving just the imposing new Bucks logo on a black backdrop. The shorts similarly feature a scaled down version of Milwaukee’s new secondary logo, with the elemental pieces of the basketball and stylized “M” adorning the sides.

With the addition of a second court, the Bucks are now the first team in the NBA to feature an alternate court design to complement the alternate uniform. The Fear the Deer court shares the same design philosophy as the new uniforms, with the logos and color palette stripped down to keep the focus squarely on the team.

Fear The Deer Uniform #2

Overall, this uniform will definitely stick out in a league that’s becoming full of daring and experimental alternate uniforms, and I suppose that’s the fun of it when it comes to alternate uniforms. It’s definitely a departure from their regular set of uniforms, that’s for sure.

Fear The Deer Uniform #7

What do you guys think? Will this new alternate uniform force Milwaukee’s opponents to really and truly Fear the Deer? Do you think more teams should come up with alternate courts?