North Carolina Tar Heels will wear black basketball uniforms in Brooklyn

UNC Black Feature
While their fierce rivals across Tobacco Road have been wearing black uniforms as alternates off an on for the better part of two decades now, the North Carolina Tar Heels have normally stuck with powder blue and white for uniform colors. That will be changing this December during the CBS Sports Classic in Brooklyn, as the Tar Heels have decided to wear a special black alternate uniform for the occasion.
UNC Black Unis 1

UNC Black Unis 3
Now, UNC’s official announcement for the new black uniforms didn’t give much reasoning for the black uniforms (which, for some reason, include camo striping as an outline for their famous powder blue argyle design down the side of their jerseys and shorts), so I think that this was probably inspired by two things: The fact that they’re playing in the home of the black-laden Brooklyn Nets, and so that they could hype up the players and any potential recruits. If there’s anything players, recruits, and some fans love right now, it’s special uniforms. Judging by the reaction that the players had, I’d say that they probably can’t wait for the big game against UCLA.
UNC Black Unis 2

UNC Black Unis 4
Personally, I’d rather that they stick with trying to find a way to better utilize their powder blue-and-white scheme for an alternate jersey, but I should probably just be happy that powder blue is still in the uniform in some way, shape, or form.

But what do you think? Is this a cool uniform for a one-off, or are you sad to see North Carolina jumping on the black-for-black’s sake bandwagon?