Auburn and Cincinnati, among others, will unveil Under Armour basketball unis soon

Under Armour college basketball feature
There’s going to be a pretty big unveiling for Under Armour’s basketball schools on October 16th, and the Auburn Tigers and the Cincinnati Bearcats figure to be the two biggest schools involved here.

Under Armour college basketball 3

There isn’t too much news here, but we did get a few teaser images from Clint Richardson on Twitter, who was the one to point out the fact that Under Armour’s big college basketball unveil would be occurring soon.
Under Armour college basketball 2

Under Armour College basketball 1

From what we can see from the teasers, I wouldn’t expect to see anything too crazy from the Under Armour schools (unlike Adidas, who have decided that placing random striping below the waistband of their shorts is the new wave), so we may see some solidly classy-yet-modern design efforts from Under Armour here.

What do you all think, though? Are we going to get anything crazy from these two schools, or will we see something crazy on the 16th?