Bruins Wearing Modified Hub Logo in Winter Classic?

bruins winter classic feat

Could this be what the Boston Bruins will be wearing in the 2016 NHL Winter Classic?

The logo has popped up suddenly on a couple of t-shirts now for sale on the NHL official online shop, labelled as “2016 Winter Classic”:

bruins winter classic 1

bruins winter classic

The logo is an altered version of the famous Boston B-Hub logo the club has worn in one form or another for the better part of the last 60 years.

It does raise some questions as the Bruins have previously been using their 1924 logo in all promotional materials for the big game as well as on some Winter Classic merchandise still up on the NHL Shop:

bruins wc 2

Obviously we won’t get a solid answer until closer to the official unveiling of the uniforms (because I mean obviously they’ll end up leaking), for now all we can do is offer up an educated guess… 1924 logo above is the primary logo for the event, B-Hub at the top will be a secondary mark, perhaps a shoulder patch.

Again, just a guess.

Regardless of what the Bruins end up wearing, she’s gonna look great, especially paired up with the Montreal Canadiens who almost always make any design a classic.

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