Northwestern will pay tribute to 1995 Rose Bowl team with throwback look

Northwestern Throwback F
It’s been 20 years since the Northwestern Wildcats last appeared in the famous Rose Bowl game, and one of the ways that the football team plans to honor this particular squad is to wear throwback-style uniforms that are very similar to what that team wore when they played the USC Trojans in that huge game.
Northwestern Throwback 1

Northwestern Throwback 2

Northwestern Throwback 3

As you can see, the uniforms are pretty simple, but for 1995, these uniforms were actually pretty edgy and modern simply because of the black jerseys and the “N” logo that adorned the team’s uniform in various places such as the helmet, jersey sleeves, and pants. Again, this was back when sports teams were starting to embrace black as an “intimidating” color, and Northwestern were definitely at the forefront of this trend back in the 90s.

The crew at Inside NU managed to get pictures of the uniform on a mannequin from Under Armour’s official unveiling of the uniform, which you can see below:
Northwestern Throwback 4

Northwestern Throwback 5

Northwestern Throwback 6
Now, we’ve got a clear look at the anniversary patch that’s on the collar of these uniforms, and we also got a look at the “N-Cat” logo on the sleeves. It’s slightly different from what the team actually wore back in the ’90s, and this is the same for the logo on the pants. The 1995 version was the full “N-Cat” logo, while the 2015 version is just the simple “N” logo.

For reference, here are some photos of the 1995 uniforms in action:
Northwestern Throwback 7

Northwestern Throwback 8

Either way, it’s interesting to see that the Wildcats have decided to bring the idea of the 1995 uniform back to the forefront. Again, this is a relatively simple uniform for this day and age, but it was still a wild departure from what you normally saw in college football during that time. What do you think of Northwestern’s “throwback” look, though?