Sleeved Cavs alternate jersey gets leaked

Cavs alternate sleeved feature
Once again, the magical NBA catalog leak has proven to be true, as we’ve ended up getting a closer look at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ new sleeved alternate for this upcoming season.

Thanks to @NYYDJ2 for the screencap
Thanks to @NYYDJ2 for the screencap

There’s no word on when this jersey will be unveiled, but you had to figure that any team that has LeBron “Jersey Sales King” James on their team would try to add a new jersey to their rotation at the first chance they got.

Now, the finished product should look a little bit different from what we see here (which is a replica jersey), but the basic gist of the design should be the same: It’s a navy blue sleeved jersey with the Cavs’ “C” logo at the forefront. If you took the sleeves off, it’d actually look kind of similar to what the Spurs are going to be wearing as alts this season. Either way, it’s an odd look for a basketball team, in my opinion.

With that being said, it’ll probably still sell like hotcakes because of the guy who will be wearing this jersey on the court this season, so everybody involved with the Cavs will probably be happy with this new uniform. What about you, though? Are you going to rush out and buy this once it’s officially unveiled?

UPDATE — As we noted above, what you see in the images is not the finished product, and we got confirmation from reliable friend-of-the-site Conrad Burry. However, he did note that this is very close to what we’ll see, which means we probably shouldn’t expect anything too different. Still, bleh.

UPDATE #2 — Conrad Burry has gone ahead and given us the mock-up of the finished product, and apparently it’s black. Yep, the Cavs have gone black-for-black’s sake and they’ve also combined it with a sleeved jersey. Incredible.
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