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2015 ALCS, NLCS Program Covers Unveiled

2015 lcs program

The first 2015 League Championship Series gets underway tonight as the Toronto Blue Jays take on the defending AL champion Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium, just in time for game one we’ve got our first look at the cover designs for the commemorative programs which will be sold throughout the ballparks both in the ALCS and the NLCS.

Since it’s getting started tonight we’ll start with the ALCS which presents the exact same matchup as it did 30 years ago in 1985:

royals-bluejays alcs program

Toronto’s David Price and Kansas City’s Salvador Perez get the honours for their respective clubs, the main colour of the program is blue despite red being the usual primary colour of the American League (see the pennants in the ALCS logo there?). Also note that the price on this cover is listed in both Canadian and US dollars for obvious reasons (and the exchange rate is a little off there, MLB, should be $13 Canadian at the most), the NLCS cover only shows one currency.

Moving onto the National League where the Chicago Cubs will battle the New York Mets starting tomorrow in Queens:

cubs-mets nlcs program

Two young superstars get the nod for the senior circuit as Anthony Rizzo represents the Cubs while last year’s Rookie of the Year, Jacob deGrom is on the Mets half. Like the ALCS cover, the secondary colour of the league (in this case, red) is the dominant colour of the program.

As we mentioned earlier the ’15 ALCS is a copy of the ’85 ALCS in terms of matchup, but how about in program cover design? Sadly no, as is usually the case in program covers the old ones win:

1985 ALCS Programs (Toronto version left, KC right)
1985 ALCS Programs (Toronto version left, KC right)