Manchester City is consulting their fanbase about a potential crest change

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For nearly twenty years, Manchester City’s crest has actually been a point of debate among local supporters. The point of the debate is that a lot of fans are split between being fans of the current crest and being supporters of the roundels that MCFC used to wear before they went to their current badge.

manchester city crest

Now, it appears that City are preparing to make some sort of change as far as the crest is concerned. On Friday morning, the club announced that they were starting a “consultation process” with club members as far as the future of the team’s crest. Here’s a bit from their press release on their website:

Cityzens will be invited to participate in a formal questionnaire in which they will be asked their views, including which elements they feel are most authentic to, and reflective of, the Club and the City of Manchester itself.

The consultation process will begin at 9.00am tomorrow (Saturday 17th October) ahead of the home game versus Bournemouth and will run for 4 weeks.

“The badge is the most visual representation of Manchester City and is so central to our heritage,” commented Chief Executive Officer Ferran Soriano.

“We are looking for our fans to share their views as to what they consider to be the most authentic symbols of the Club. The views of our Cityzens are essential to the process; they will have a real say on the future of our badge.”

I’d say that all signs are pointing towards Manchester City having a new crest in time for the 2016-17 season. If the consultation goes like I figure it will, then we’ll probably see a mix of the current crest with the old crests, and it’ll probably be in a roundel as well. Overall, it’s good to see that a team as big as Manchester City is trying to keep the fans involved when it comes to a logo change. After all, if your fans are going to be the ones buying the gear with your new logo on it, then you better make sure that the fans like it.

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Overall, this is a good idea and hopefully this results in a nice, stylish, and classy-looking crest for Manchester City in the future. Hopefully we don’t have another Everton situation on our hands.