Cavs unveil three alternate uniforms, including black sleeved alternate

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Earlier today, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert posted three hilariously awful uniform designs on his twitter page. However, because of the state of uniform design in the NBA in the present-day, this caused enough people to believe that this could’ve been a legit surprise.
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Shortly afterwards, the Cavs officially unveiled their actual alternate uniforms.

CAvs alts

The first of these is their 1974-80 uniforms. They’ll be wearing these throwbacks on six occasions this season.
Cavs gold

The second new uniform is similar to the team’s Cavs Fanatic series of uniforms, which is when they take a throwback from one era and give it the colors from another era. This time, the team has mixed the uniform design from the 1980s with the current colors of wine and gold, which is actually an update of a uniform that they wore during the 2009-10 season. This will be the uniform that the Cavs wear for their home opener on the 30th.

Cavs wine

The new wine alternate is an updated version of this alternate
The new wine alternate is an updated version of this alternate

And now we have the flashpoint of the uniform unveiling: Those black sleeved alternates. These caused quite a stir when the initial mock-up leaked onto the internet, and they’re probably going to cause an even bigger stir once the team actually wears them at some point this season.

Cavs black

All in all, this will give the Cleveland Cavaliers seven different uniforms to wear this season, since they also announced that they wouldn’t be dropping any of their other four uniforms. So basically, this is business as usual for a team with LeBron James on it. You’ve gotta maximize your jersey sales any way you can when the best basketball player in the world is on your team, and that’s what the Cavs are doing here — even if it means wearing one of the uglier alts in the NBA in the form of that black sleeved alternate.

So, which one of these new Cavs alternates is your favorite? If your choice is the black one, then I’m assuming that you’re trying to get a rise out of people in the comments section below.