West Says Jordan is his Preferred NBA Logoman Replacement

jordan nba feat

The National Basketball Association’s reigning “logoman” for the past 40 years, Jerry West, has picked his preferred logo successor. It’s hard to argue with his choice.

“Michael Jordan has been the greatest player I’ve ever seen… he would be a wonderful person to have there” – Jerry West

Anyone who grew up watching the NBA in the 1990s would have to agree with his statement, Jordan played in six full seasons during that decade and won an NBA championship each and every time. Simply incredible.

While the NBA will not confirm (nor deny) that West is the player featured in the logo they’ve used since 1970, the creator of the iconic logo Alan Seigel has said he used a photograph of West found in Sports Illustrated as the inspiration for the design.

west nba logo

Using a similar technique we found a photo of Jordan in a similar pose as West in the current logo and came up with this:

jordan nba logo

michael jordan nba logo

jordan logo on jersey

That’d do just fine, in our opinion. Seems like change for the sake of change however — really, we’re fine with their logo staying the way it is.