Adidas gives Miami basketball a weird waist stripe for their new uniforms

Miami Basketball F
A while back, we got a look at Michigan’s newest basketball uniforms for this upcoming season, and they included an interesting quirk: A broad stripe below the waistband. If you were part of the camp that was hoping that this would just be a design quirk unique to Michigan, then you probably won’t like what you see below. Apparently this is an Adidas thing for most of their schools, because the Miami Hurricanes have unveiled their new basketball uniforms and the stripe is there as well.

Miami Basketball 2

Now, what is unique here is that the stripe appears to be the same as the stripes that currently adorn the sleeves of Miami’s much-maligned football uniforms.

Miami basketball 3

Also, if I have to be totally honest here, the stripe actually livens up what would be some pretty boring basketball uniforms. Seeing Sebastian the Ibis make an appearance on any Miami-related gear is always nice, but even he could barely liven up these uniforms, which are in dire need of an outline around the numbers and wordmark. So, I’m actually going to say that the stripe isn’t all that bad. It’s a little bad, but not that bad.

Miami basketball 1

I do think that the women’s team is probably happy to see that they avoided that weird striping and got some relatively normal uniforms. What do you think, though? Is the stripe enough to turn you off from these uniforms? Or are you actually digging Adidas’s latest design innovation?