Toronto Blue Jays 2015 AL Champs Phantom Merchandise

Jays Phantom Feat

Oh… OH!

Now I understand why some fans don’t like seeing phantom champs merchandise.

Up until, oh, 17 hours ago I had never seen a current season phantom championship shirt, cap, bottle opener, whatever for one of my teams.

Yeah, it kinda stings a little.

Anyways, the Toronto Blue Jays came up one comeback short in their run through the 2015 MLB Playoffs, their first trip to the postseason in 22 years. They ended up two wins away from an American League pennant and a trip to the World Series against the (favourite ballclub of so many of my friends) New York Mets. Too bad, that would have been pretty epic…

Had the Blue Jays come back to beat the Royals in the ALCS we would have seen these items flooding the streets of Toronto for years and years, as always these are the actual graphics which would have been used to advertise these things on Internet sports shops.

We’ll start with what the team would have been wearing on the field and in the locker room during their champagne spray-off:

Jays AL Locker Room Cap

Jays AL Locker Room Shirt

Those who follow me on Twitter may notice the t-shirt above differs from what we posted last night, the graphics simply changed in the past 24 hours. No word as to why, the secondary colour was powder blue and then they changed it to red. We’re going ahead with the assumption that the graphic you see above is what the team would have actually worn.

Moving on to the World Series the Blue Jays would have worn this special cap during their games with the World Series patch on the side:

Jays WS15 On field Cap

And this jersey, although I imagine they would have just worn the blue one every single game:

Jays WS Jersey

The items you see below were going to be fan-exclusive caps, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. Not intended for on-field use:

Jays WS Caps

Jays WS Touques

Jays WS Shirts

Jays Misc

Merchandise is also produced for certain World Series matchups, as you’d guess this year we saw items for a Blue Jays-Cubs, Blue Jays-Mets, Cubs-Royals, and the eventual Royals-Mets pairings. This merchandise is known as “Duelling”, the not-gonna-happen variety we call “phantom duelling”. We’ve assembled two phantom duelling collections here, the Blue Jays/Mets, and the Cubs/Royals:

Jays Mets Duelling

Cubs Royals Duelling

Check back after the World Series where we’ll probably get to see another collection of phantom KC Royals World Series champs gear… back to back phantom champs! Woo! Or maybe the Mets, who knows.