New York Knicks will wear throwbacks from the 1950s this season

Knicks throwbacks f
The New York Knicks don’t normally venture into the alternate/throwback uniform world, so when they actually do so, it’s a pretty big deal. Their current uniforms that are very similar to uniforms that they’ve worn in the past, so it’s hard to find a throwback uniform that really works and gives them a unique look.

They’ve apparently found a throwback that fits that bill though, as they’ll be wearing throwbacks from the 1950s at some point this season. Our good friend at Uni-Watch gave us a look at the uniforms, since the Knicks have yet to officially unveil the uniform.

Knicks throwbacks

As far as exactly which uniform this is, my best guess is that it’s from the 1954 season. Here’s a rare photo of that uniform in action. Check out the Chuck Taylors on everybody’s feet!

Knicks throwbacks 1

So, what do you guys think of these throwbacks? Is it going to be a good look for the Knicks, or should they have gone with another option?