Denver Nuggets attempt to strike “WhiteGold” with new sleeved alternates

Nuggets Whitegold Feature
The latest team to join the sleeved jersey brigade in the NBA is the Denver Nuggets, and they’ve definitely hit this particular space of the NBA uniform world with a splash. The Nuggets have officially unveiled their WhiteGold alternates. While there’s plenty of white on display here and a bit of grayish-blue involved (because every new uniform needs a little bit of gray in it, somehow!), there isn’t any gold involved here — both from a color and aesthetic standpoint.

Nuggets Whitegold 2

The Nuggets came out with a press release that explains the reasoning behind the design, and you can read the meat-and-potatoes of that explanation below:

A new bold logo taking elements from the Nuggets secondary “pick axe” logo is featured prominently across the chest of the jersey. This alternate logo is embroidered in the team’s standard navy coloring used on its other uniforms and introduces a metallic light blue color that is used as an accent throughout the WHITEGOLD uniform.

The player numbers will be filled with white coloring and bordered with navy stitching. The player names will also feature navy stitching, with all fonts used on the jersey matching the new western inspired font featured on the Nuggets’ updated primary uniforms and their new court design.

More subtle design cues include a winterized “Nuggets” logo just below the waistband on the back of the shorts, taken from the navy blue alternate uniforms worn by the team from 2008-2012. The new metallic light blue is added in rotation with navy and white to comprise the striping along the side of the shorts, a design element borrowed from the Nuggets iconic “Skyline” uniforms. The shorts are finished with a navy tonal version of the secondary “pick axe” logo along the lower left front above the knee.

I will say this about these uniforms: The winterized Nuggets logo is actually pretty cool, for lack of a better adjective.

Nuggets Whitegold 6

With that being said, I’d prefer if they used that as the main script logo instead of going with the pickaxes as their main logo on the chest. These types of uniforms are already weird to begin with, and when you add sleeves to the equation, then the design is just messy in general. I suppose that it works with their new court design, but other than that, it’s not that good of a uniform, in my opinion.

Nuggets Whitegold 3

Nuggets Whitegold 4

Nuggets Whitegold 5

It’s a pretty superfluous uniform overall, since the Nuggets already had a pretty solid set of uniforms to begin. I suppose the good news here is that they’ll only be wearing them a handful of times, but they’ll be wearing them for their “extended homestands,” so when they do wear them, you’ll get a good, long look at them.

Nuggets Whitegold 1

What do you guys think? Did the Nuggets really strike gold here, or is this fool’s gold?