Philadelphia Sixers will honor fallen greats with patch for 2015-16 season

Sixers patch feature
The Minnesota Timberwolves weren’t the only organization who suffered a loss to one of the bigger figures in their franchise, recently. The Philadelphia 76ers also had themselves a bit of a rough offseason when it came to this regard, as they lost former legendary players Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins, and also lost their longtime stats guru in Harvey Pollack.

As such, the team has decided to honor those three figures by wearing a patch for the 2015-16 season. Just as the Timberwolves’ patch for Flip Saunders was classy, simple, and understated, this one is as well. It’s simply one of their secondary logos, except three of the stars are black, and it’s safe to say that the black stars are in honor of Malone, Dawkins, and Pollack.

Sixers patch

Again, it’s good to see that teams are getting creative with commemorative patches, which makes the tribute to their former stars mean just a little bit more, in my opinion.