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A Color Rush is hitting the NFL and Thursday Night Football

NFL color rush
During tonight’s Thursday Night Football game, the normally dull affair got a bit of a shake-up when the league teased us with a few new uniforms for what appears to be a collaborative effort by Nike and the NFL.

Now, we heard during the offseason that the NFL was planning to allow color-on-color uniform matchups for Thursday Night Football, but I don’t think that anybody suspected that this meant that teams would be breaking out brand-new uniforms for the occasion. That appears to be the case, as the NFL Color Rush will start on Week 10 with the Bills breaking out a red alternate and the Jets will be wearing a kelly-green alt for the occasion.

nfl color rush bills 2

nfl color rush bills 1

nfl color rush jets 1

The fun doesn’t stop there. There will be three other Color Rush games on the TNF schedule this year. Week 11 will see the Titans break out their light blue alts against the Jaguars, who will be wearing brand-new gold alts.

NFL color rush jaguars

Week 12’s matchup will pit the Panthers in their electric blue alts against the Cowboys in what appears to be a revival of their old Double-Star alternate uniforms.

NFL color rush cowboys

The final NFL Color Rush game will see the Bucs wearing red alternates, which is a little bit weird since they already have a red primary uniform, so it’s going to be interesting to see what Nike has up their sleeve for this alternate. Meanwhile, the Rams will be wearing throwbacks, except these will be different in that the jersey will be gold with blue numbers and striping.

NFL color rush buccaneers

NFL Color rush rams

Each team will unveil their uniforms the week before their appearance on TNF. Either way, this is definitely intriguing. I’ve got to give props to Nike and the NFL for keeping this under wraps as well as they did, since we live in an era where nearly everything gets leaked. The fact that this was kept under wraps for so long and sprung on us out of the blue is pretty impressive.

But enough about the lack of leaks; Let’s talk about the jerseys themselves. Which one of these is your favorite? Are you mentally prepared to see the Jaguars wearing gold with that weird helmet of theirs? The Bills are actually going to be wearing red?! How about those Rams “throwbacks?” Finally, Thursday Night Football will be somewhat interesting.