Triple H Sends Royals WWE Champion Belt


It’s been a while since the Kansas City Royals have had anything to stash in their trophy case, so Paul Michael Levesque, better known as wrestler Triple H, is making sure it’s fully stocked. In light of the Royals’ World Series championship, the wrestler, former Teenage Mr. New Hampshire himself, is sending this custom-made WWE title belt to the team.

There’s no word on exactly why Triple H would do this for the Royals, as he was born in New Hampshire, lives in Connecticut, and plays characters billed from Boston (Terra Ryzing), Sainte-Mere-Eglise, France (Jean-Paul Lévesque), and his current role, Triple H (for Hunter Hearst Helmsley) from Greenwich, Connecticut.

Also no word on whether there’s a matching Mets WWE belt being put out to sea somewhere with all of the Mets World Series Champs hats, shirts, and socks.