Minnesota Wild Stadium Series Uniform Leak?

wild jersey leak

Could this be the Minnesota Wild’s new 2016 Stadium Series jersey?

The Icethetics blog spotted the eyebrow-raising jersey for sale on an eBay auction recently, and as they note, the listing does not say anything about the Stadium Series but the design does seem to follow a similar template as the one unveiled by the Colorado Avalanche for their Stadium Series jersey.

On the arm, the striping pattern is identical to the Avs outdoor jersey, the ridiculous gigantic numbers, the collar, the waist stripe, all the same as what Colorado is wearing. The only difference is the inclusion of a shoulder yoke, Colorado has none.

wild jersey front

wild jersey back

Really, at this point we can only speculate, we have not yet seen the actual Stadium Series uniform for the Wild… and if this isn’t the new uniform, then what is it? Mystery ebay auction jerseys need to have some sort of origin. Maybe a fan creation? Looks a little too good for that. How about a proposed jersey which slipped through the cracks? That could certainly be a possibility.

While there is no release date set for the new uniform we’ll find out soon enough I’m sure, the Montreal Canadiens are expected to unveil their Winter Classic uniform this coming Friday.

Minnesota’s turn to host an outdoor game will be against the Chicago Blackhawks at TCF Bank Stadium on February 21, 2016.